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Dual Mode Stylus: Quick switch between iPhone and iPad devices. Green light for all touchscreens and blue for new iPad versions supporting palm rejection. 

*Green light for 2017 iPad or earlier models.

Easy Recording: Built with 2 omnidirectional microphones with professional DSP noise reduction technology that filters noise and restore perfect audio moments. Picks up sound from distance up to 2 meters away and save 9 hours of audio with internal memory.

Recording while Writing: Do all 3 things at the same time: recording, taking notes and drawing. Perfect for business meetings, in lectures and interviews.

With the Exclusive "Adonit One" App: When AI-Vocal is not connected with the Adonit One app, the audio files will be stored in the stylus’memory. After connecting to Adonit One, the audio will be automatically uploaded to the app and converted into text.

Five functions:
1. Audio-to-text
2. Video-to-text
3. Multi-language Translation
4. Digital Note
5. e-Sign PDF

Personal Assistant: Weight just 15g, the portable recorder has a luxurious appearance, comes with a precision pen holder and enhances personal texture and charm. Comes with a USB-C charging cable and can be used for 12 hours after 45 mins of charging.

Replaceable Nib: Unscrew the tip for easy removal of the nib. Then insert the new nib and screw the tip back.


Adonit's AI-Vocal: The Ultimate Stylus Pen

Say hello to the future of productivity for work, art, and everything else you need to do with Adonit's AI-Vocal— the world's first AI-powered stylus pen and digital recorder. Improve the way you work, learn, create, and play, all with unmatched functionality and convenience 

AI Connectivity: Your Personal Assistant

At the core of the AI-Vocal is its advanced AI connectivity, powered by the "Adonit One" app. This isn't just a stylus; it's your personal assistant. Connect the AI-Vocal to the app, and watch as your audio recordings are automatically uploaded and converted into text. The app offers powerful features such as audio-to-text, video-to-text, multi-language translation, digital note-taking, and e-signature capabilities for PDFs. Imagine having your thoughts, meetings, and lectures transcribed and organized effortlessly—it's all possible with the AI-Vocal.

Dual-Mode Stylus: Versatility at Its Best

You can use it with any touchscreen and the AI-Vocal features a dual-mode stylus that allows you to easily switch between your iPhone and iPad devices. A green light indicates compatibility with all touchscreens, while a blue light signifies support for palm rejection on newer iPad versions. Whether you're taking notes, sketching designs, or annotating documents, the AI-Vocal offers unmatched precision and responsiveness.

Superior Recording Capabilities

Equipped with omnidirectional microphones and advanced noise reduction technology, the AI-Vocal can capture crystal-clear audio from up to 2 meters away. Whether you're in a bustling lecture hall or a busy meeting room, you'll be able to record every word with clarity. The stylus's internal memory can store up to 9 hours of audio, making it perfect for long sessions.

Beautifully Designed

Weighing just 15 grams, the AI-Vocal is as portable as it is powerful. It feels great in the hand and is portable and ready to go when you need it. Plus, the replaceable nib guarantees smooth writing whenever it's needed.

Adonit's AI-Vocal is more than just a stylus pen—it's a game-changer. By integrating AI technology with high-quality design and versatile functionality, the AI-Vocal sets a new standard for productivity tools. Don't just keep up with the future; be a part of it with Adonit's AI-Vocal. 


Dimension: 154mm * 9mm
Product Weight: 13g
Charging Time: 45mins
Continuous Use: 12hrs
Material: Aluminum
Recording format: MOV (video) / M4A (audio)
Capacity: 2G (can store approx. 9hrs of audio)


All Touchscreens

9hrs Of Easy Recording

Picks up sound from a distance up to 2 meters away and saves 9 hours of audio with internal memory.

Bluetooth Microphone (Streaming)

Do all 3 things at the same time: recording, taking notes and drawing
Perfect for business meetings, in lectures and interviews.

Dual Mode Stylus (iPhone & iPad)

Quick switch between iPhone and iPad devices.
Green light for all touchscreens and blue for new iPad versions supporting palm rejection.

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