Adonit V-Grip Support


How do I turn remote shutter ON/OFF?

- To turn ON: Press the shutter button. A green LED will flash.
- To turn OFF: Hold the shutter button down until a solid green light is off.

    How do I pair my smartphone with the shutter remote control on the V-Grip ?

    1) Turn on the shutter remote by pressing the button on the shutter remote control. A green LED will flash.
    2) Go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. Select the "Adonit Photo Remote" option to pair. The V-Grip Qi is now paired.

    How do I to take photos with V-Grip?

    First Bluetooth pair the V-Grip with your smartphone (see previous question on how to do this.) Open your camera or selected photo app and firmly press the button on the remote once to take a photo.

    What does the LED Light on the shutter remote indicate?

    Blink green indicates it’s turned on and ready to pair. When battery is ran out, it has no light and unable to turn on.
    It will auto turns off if no device pair to button and no press on the button within 30 seconds.

    What is the max distance for the shutter remote?

    The max distance is about 10 meters.

    Does V-Grip support burst mode?


    How can I change the battery on the V-Grip shutter remote control?

    The V-Grip shutter remote control is powered with a CR2016 battery. To change the battery, first remove the shutter remote by sliding the detachable shutter remote away from the body of the V-Grip. On the back (opposite the shutter button) of the remote is a small indention for the battery cover. Lift up on the cover with a coin to detach it. Remove and replace the CR2016 battery. Put the battery cover back on.

    What is the battery life of the V-Grip shutter remote?

    600,000 shots per 1 battery.

    Can V-Grip be mounted on a regular tripod?

    Yes, the V-Grip fits a standard 1/4" screw which is the standard size for most tripods.

    Is a tripod included, or can be purchased as an add-on?

    No, it’s excluded, and it’s available for purchase.

    Which operating systems can V-Grip support?

    Smartphones with iOS 5.0 and above, Android 4.2.2 and above.

    What size smartphones can V-Grip support?

    Grip Extension

    Size Compatibility: 4.5" or larger smartphones

    Width range: 67 mm ~ 83 mm

    Max. depth: 10 mm

    Does V-Grip work with cases?

    Yes, it has wide range of clamp, fits phone device with case.

    Is the V-Grip waterproof?

    No, it is not waterproof. Keep the V-Grip away from liquid.

    How to extend and lock the rod properly?

    Thumb downward the stick and push it outward from the bottom. when it goes to 45 degrees open, you may pull it backward all the way. A click sound indicates the top end is well fixed on the bottom end of the main device. Make sure it’s fixed so as to avoid the mobility.

    Why the stick is difficult to push upward on the holder when unextending the telescope?

    Try not hold it too tight around the bottom area.

    What’s the purpose of the cold shoe mount on the top?

    The cold shoe mount can be mounted with different types of microphones, LED lights, and more to upgrade the photo and video quality.

    Still have questions?

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