Adonit One

Unlock Endless Potential

The new way to record your meetings, lectures, notes, and more.


Live recoding

Record your meetings and conversations. Real-time captions are transcribed and available for later editing. You can also share and/or translate the text into multiple languages.


You capture.
We caption.

Video-record your surroundings with Adonit AI Vocal to revisit the moments. What’s more? Get a video transcript that can be edited and translated into multiple languages. Share your learnings, meetings, proposals effortlessly.


Start your success anywhere.

Create your personalized signature and/or initials. Sign any PDF documents electronically with Adonit One wherever you go.


Gather your ideas,
keep what matters.

Create digital notes to gather your ideas and capture important info. Digital Note keeps everything handy and organized. It also functions great with Stylus!

Why Adonit One



English, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and much more...


Accelerate your working and learning process


The simplest and fastest way to get your work don


Keep your creative ideas, work, and studies in one place!

For Work

Record with live captions during meetings, conference calls, and group discussions Make meetings more inclusive for members with lower language proficiency and/or hard-of-hearing Use the transcript editing function to review and modify recordings anywhere at anytime

For Study

Take digital notes during lectures and team discussions Copy and share your notes, recordings, and videos with your teammates Review lectures and meetings anywhere with transcripts

For Journalism

Keep all interview details and materials organized and handy Your audio recordings are segmented, letting you find and replay your desired segment quickly and effortlessly

For Subtitles

Improve your vlogging and video production experience by keeping your creative ideas at your fingertips and streamlining your editing workflow.

Subscribe to Adonit One

Monthly Subscription is an automatic top up plan which saves you up to 25%.
Easy access to features you need every month

Adonit Silver

Individual use


  • Unlimited access to Digital Note
  • 120 minutes of Audio/Video-to-text
*Adonit Silver does not include translation services.

Adonit Free

Individual use

Free for new users

  • Unlimited access to Digital Note
  • Audio/Video-to-text 10 minutes
  • Translation 5k characters

Adonit Gold

Individual use


  • Unlimited access to Digital Note
  • 120 minutes of Audio/Video-to-text
  • Translation 50,000 characters
NOTICE: Once you subscribe to Auto-TopUp, you will automatically be charged for each renewal period. For the monthly plan, you will be charged at the same time every month via the app store. Although top-up purchases have no expiration date, Adonit reserves the right to change our service policy without notice. Subscription can be canceled at any time in the subscription section. To avoid additional charges, please cancel before the trial period expires. Any payments already made will not be refunded but you can still access your account and any prior purchases.

Top-up in Adonit One

Buy more! Top-up for more options!

75 minutes of Audio/Video-to text | $4.99

Translation 100,000 characters | $4.99

Notice: Adonit One top-up purchases have no expiration date. Adonit reserves the right to change our service policy without notice.

Availble on 
iPad & iPhone


How to Use Adonit One?