Adonit CyberCube Support


Please store information on the back when you get the products, in case that sticker is damaged, you can refer stored information to Adonit if needed.

What is CyberCube?

When you are on a business trip or a vacation, you can connect to the exclusive internet of your company or your home via CyberCube. It offers security and accessibility that makes your important information more difficult for hackers.

To change the Wifi credential, please enter the settings page. 

1.Plug in the White CyberCube to the power cord.You don’t need to plug into the network line at this time.

2.Connect to the CyberCube’s Wifi

3.Open the web page and type

4.Enter the login screen and type the password: admin888

5.Change a new Wifi ID and password

6.Save new Wifi ID and password

7.Wait 30 secs and the CyberCube will restart.

8.Your CyberCube is now ready to use. 

How to turn on/off CyberCube?

When you connect the power cable, it’s on, Remove power cable, it’s off.

Why is there no light on the Internet indicator when power and Internet cables are plugged to CyberCube?

Please reconnect the Internet and power cable on both ends. Or change another Internet cable.

What does lights indicate? 

Link light (left):
Solid blue: White and Black devices connected.
Flashing blue: White and Black devices detecting.
Off: White and Black devices not connected.

Internet light (middle):
Flashing blue: internet cable connected.
Off: no internet connected.

Power light(right):
Solid blue: power connected.
Off: no power connected. 

I’ve forgotten the CyberCube(while) WiFi password I set in the first place, what should I do?

Please poke the Reset button on the CyberCube(white) for 5 seconds and then release. CyberCube will reboot and restore to default setting. When rebooting, both Internet and Link lights will be off. After 30 seconds reboot, the default wifi password is acc%ACC!

If you want to change the password, please follow question 3. 

With cables connected, why the Link light is still flashing after 1 minutes.

1. Please make sure both your internet and cables are working.
2. Try rebooting your router, modem and CyberCube.
3. You need to contact your Home/Office Internet Service Provider, provide them the Mac address of your CyberCube and request VPN access with that Mac address . (Mac address of your CyberCube can be found on the label.)

I have a solid blue on the Link light and a successful connection to CyberCube WiFi on my computer, why am I still unable to connect to the internet?

Please restart all of your internet related devices, such as CyberCube (black and white), home router, laptop or smartphone.

What operating system does CyberCube support?

Not limited to operating systems. Any device capable of Wifi connection is supported.

Still have questions?

Email us at and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand.