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Adonit Wireless TravelCube Pro Support

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How do I recharge TravelCube Pro’s power bank reserves?

How do I know if TravelCube Pro is recharging?

The lower digital LED screen will blink and increase in value when recharging the power bank reserves. When fully recharged, the digital LED screen will display 100.

Can I recharge TravelCube Pro’s power bank reserves while charging other devices?

Yes, the TravelCube Pro power bank reserves and the attached device will simultaneously recharge when it is charging using the wall socket or USB-PD Type C port.

How many watts does the USB-PD Type-C port output?

The TravelCube Pro USB-PD Type-C port supports up to 18W.

What is the difference between TravelCube Pro and TravelCube?

TravelCube Pro supports over Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, and Wireless Fast Charging. Featuring 1x USB-PD Type C port up to 18W, 1x USB Quick Charge port up to 18W, and 1x Wireless Fast Charging Zone up to 10W.

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