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What is Snap?

Snap is a fine point stylus designed for iPhones and Android Phones. It was made for mobile devices so it attaches magnetically to your phone for easy transport. When Snap is connected to your phone through Bluetooth, you can use it as a remote photo clicker to take selfies with ease.

What colors is Adonit Snap available in?

Black, White, Rose Gold

What devices does Snap work with?

Snap works with iPhone 5 and newer & Android 5.0 and newer.

How do you begin using Adonit Snap?

To begin using Snap, simply power it on by pressing and holding the Power/Shutter button once for about 1 second, and an increasing brightness of green light will show once and go off. Then place the tip on the screen and use the tip to navigate, draw, or write as you would with your finger.

How do you turn Snap off?

To turn Snap off, just press and hold the Power/Shutter button for three seconds, and a slow fading out red light will show once and go off.

To take a photo, follow these steps

- Pair Snap with your iOS or Android device using your device's Bluetooth turned on (it will be listed in your device's Bluetooth device list). - Tap on the iOS camera to turn it on - Press the Power/Shutter button once to take a photo - Press the Power/Shutter button twice in a row quickly and hold down the button to go into BURST mode (multiple photos taken very quickly) Burst mode is only supported on iPhone 5 and newer.

What apps does Snap work with?

Snap has the benefit of working in virtually any application. If you can write with your finger inside the app then you can use Snap. For more information and instructions, view the apps listed on our Snap page.

Is Adonit Snap powered?

Yes,Snap does require power in order to operate its tip. Snap re-charges by simply inserting the included standard micro-USB connector into the charging end of Snap, and plug the remaining end into a standard USB port.

What do the LED light’s mean on the Adonit Snap?

- Green staircase in brightness: Snap is powered on/ Snap is fully charged when plugged into a USB port. - Orange: Low Battery - Red: The LED light will flash red when Snap is out of power/The light will pulse red while Snap is charging.

Does Adonit Snap have Bluetooth?

Yes, it does use Bluetooth to connect directly with a capacitive touchscreen tablet's Bluetooth after both have been turned on (In the touchscreen device, Adonit Snap will be listed under the Bluetooth device listing).Bluetooth is used to turn Snap into a shutter release for single or burst mode shooting (multiple photos taken continuously as long as the power/shutter button is pressed and held down).

NOTE: Bluetooth does not provide extra app features that are available in our other Bluetooth styluses, such as Adonit Pixel.

Is Adonit Snap compatible with screen protector?

Some screen protectors may cause issues with Snap, particularly thick, glass, or highly glossy versions. PET or matte-finish protectors seem to work the best if one is used.

What comes in the box?

Adonit Snap, micro USB cable, Snap metal plate, quick start guide

Are replacement parts available for Adonit Snap?

Yes, the replacement metal plate (Snap can magnetically attract to) that can stick to the back of a phone or tablet will be available in our Spare Parts page.

Does the plastic tip on the Adonit Snap need to be replaced?

No the tip should not need to be replaced. It is made from a very durable composite polymer plastic. Do not attempt to remove the plastic as it could damage the device. If you have issues with the plastic tip, please contact the support team.

How do I charge my Snap?

To charge, just insert the included standard micro USB connector into the charging end of Snap, and plug the remaining end into a standard USB port.

How long does it take to charge Snap?

1 hour

How long will SNAP last on a full charge?

7 hours of continuous use.

Does Snap automatically turn off?

Yes, Snap will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of not being used (if the tip is not depressed and the Power/Shutter button is not pressed)

Will Snap automatically reconnect when powered back on?

Yes, after first being paired through Bluetooth, Snap will automatically re-connect once the Power/Shutter button has been pressed.

Why can’t I pair Adonit Snap?

Please make sure the pairing step is correct. First, check that the power is turned on. Then find it in the Bluetooth scan list within 30 seconds after the power is turned on or within 30 seconds after the button is pressed.

Why can’t I take a photo with Snap quick button?

Make sure your handheld supports "volume key" camera function, if it does not it will not support this function.

Why can’t I use BURST mode?

Most of the support "volume key" camera handheld devices support "continuous shooting" function. To turn on continuous shooting mode: Double-click the button

Do I need to disconnect Snap from my Bluetooth before connecting it to another device?

Yes, it is recommended that you disconnect Snap from your current device before connecting it to a different device for use of the Bluetooth features.

How do I attach Snap metal plate properly?

Clean the surface of your phone or case prior to sticking the metal plate down. The metal plate needs to attach to the middle of Snap which has the magnet inside so to ensure proper placement you can magnetically attach the metal plate to your Snap, remove the paper backing, and stick the magnet to your phone in your desired location. We suggest the opposite side of camera lens on your phone to avoid camera obstruction.

How long will the tip last?

The tip should last about 50km before wearing out.

How thick is the Snap Metal Plate?


Does Snap work with GoodNotes?

Snap does work with GoodNotes however the palm rejection settings need to be adjusted to avoid skipping and dropped lines. How to adjust the settings:
1) Go to "Categories" and tap "Options" at lower right corner. If you are currently in one of the notebooks, please tap backward arrow on the upper left corner and get back to Categories.
2) Choose "Setting" and select "Palm Rejection"
3) Set Sensitivity to Low/None.

Still have questions?

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