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Jot Pro Support

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The Jot Pro Glossary

  1. Precision Disc
  2. Dampening Tip
  3. Rubber Grip
  4. Aluminum Body

How do I change my discs?

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Where can I get replacement parts or discs?


My stylus appears to be skipping or not functioning on my screen, what can I do?

1. The disc's surface should be cleaned with a tissue or soft microfiber cloth.
2. Taking the disc off and blowing into the socket can remove dirt.
3. Polishing the Jot's metal ball tip with tin foil can remove micro-corrosion affecting conductivity.
4. Replace disc/contact support

Does my Pro have the dampening tip, or original tip? - Which disc do I need??

Check this photo, the stylus on the left has the dampening tip, the one on the right has the original tip.


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