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How is Droid different than Mini 3 or Pro 3?

The Adonit Droid features a new slimmer body and the smallest disc we’ve ever designed. The smaller disc provides the same precision as our previous disc but the reduced size allows for a more comfortable and natural writing experience.

What devices is Droid compatible with?

Droid may support iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Android high resolution touchscreen devices, but not all devices can recognize Droid’s smaller disc. Droid has been tested and is compatible with the following devices:

What colors is Droid available in?

Black, Silver, Midnight Blue

Where can we buy micro disc tip once it has problem?

Replacement micro disc tips can be purchased from our Spare Parts page.

Where can we buy Droid cap once it is missing or damaged?

Replacement caps can be purchased from our Spare Parts page.

How do I change Droid micro disc tip?

If you have a Droid, it will go with a non-removable micro disc tip, simply grasp the micro disc tip with your thumb and forefinger, and pull it straight out. Put the rod of the new micro disc tip straight in the opening of the barrel and give it a little push to secure it so it doesn’t fall out.

Can we exchange Micro disc tip from Adonit Droid to Pro3?

No, Pro3 and Droid disc tip size are different, we don’t suggest you to exchange disc tip, if you would like exchange it, your Pro3 or Droid may not work or sensitivity issues may occur.

Can I use Adonit Droid with a Screen Protector?

Generally screen protectors are not recommended for use with Adonit styluses, as they can interfere with the touch screen’s ability to consistently detect the stylus tip. Adonit styluses are optimized for use without a screen protector. If you’re going to use a screen protector, please keep in mind that it may decrease sensitivity.

What apps does Droid work with?

Droid has the benefit of working in virtually any application. If you can write with your finger inside the app then you can use Droid.

Still have questions?

Email us at and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand.