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What hardware do I need to use Adobe Ink & Slide?

Ink & Slide are designed to work with iPad 4, iPad mini (all models), and iPad Air (1st generation).

Note: There is a known, intermittent issue with the iPad Air 2, in which Ink stops drawing mid-stroke. This will require Adobe SDK (software) updates to resolve.

To connect to Adobe Creative Cloud, your iPad must be connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Can I purchase Adobe Ink & Slide separately?

No. Adobe Ink & Slide are sold together as a package.

What does "Creative Cloud connected" mean?

Adobe Ink connects to Adobe Creative Cloud, and lets you carry your favorite drawings, photos, Adobe Color themes — even copy and paste artwork — across devices.

When Ink is set up and the registration process is complete, the pen is securely associated with your Creative Cloud account. The Creative Cloud connection gives you access to the Pen Tip menu, with options such as Cloud Clipboard, Color themes, and sharing.

For Ink-aware apps, Ink is an extension of the app, connected to your Creative Cloud account and Adobe ID. If your Ink is ever lost or stolen, you can disable it so your data and work are secure.

Do I need a Creative Cloud membership to use Adobe Ink & Slide?

You can use Adobe Ink & Slide without a Creative Cloud membership. But the Cloud Connected capabilities, such as the Pen Tip menu with access to Color themes, Cloud Clipboard, and sharing to Behance are not available.

The apps that support Ink & Slide — Adobe Illustrator Line and Adobe Photoshop Sketch—require a Creative Cloud membership. If you don't have a membership, you can sign up for free directly from within the apps.

What software do I need?

Ink & Slide are designed to work with Adobe Illustrator Line, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, and Adobe Photoshop Mix.

How do I switch on Adobe Ink?

Press and hold the button on Adobe Ink for 3 seconds. The LED lights cycle through a rainbow sequence while Adobe Ink powers on.

How do I connect Ink to an app on my iPad?

  1. Ensure Bluetooth has been enabled in the iPad Settings menu.
  2. Ensure Multitasking Gestures have been disabled in the iPad Settings menu.
  3. Open an app that is compatible with Ink & Slide.
  4. Tap the Stylus menu.
  5. Hold the stylus tip to the target on the screen to pair it with your iPad.
  6. The indicator briefly turns green when Adobe Ink connects successfully.
  7. You do not need to pair Slide. Place it on the screen to start using it with any compatible app.

How do I set up Adobe Ink?

After pairing Adobe Ink with your iPad, connect it to Adobe Creative Cloud and specify your preferences by following the steps below.

  1. Open an app that is compatible with Ink & Slide.
  2. Tap the Pen menu.
  3. Tap Setup Ink.
  4. Select an identity color on the wheel and tap Next.
  5. Enter a name for your Adobe Ink. Tap Next.
  6. Choose an option that indicates how you normally hold Adobe Ink. Tap Next.
  7. In the Connect to Creative Cloud screen, tap OK, Let's Go.
  8. A closing screen displays your settings. Tap Close.

How do I check whether Adobe Ink is charged?

The battery status of Adobe Ink is displayed in the connected apps. Tap the Pen status menu to see the battery indicator next to the pen's name. If the battery is too low to operate, the indicator flashes red twice.

How do I switch Adobe Ink off?

It is normally not necessary to turn off Adobe Ink because it goes to sleep automatically. If you do find a need to turn it off, hold the button for 15 seconds or longer without touching the pen tip. The indicator flashes red twice just before the pen shuts off.

How do I set up Adobe Slide?

Adobe Slide can be used directly from any supported app. You do not need to charge, switch on, or even connect Adobe Slide to an app. Place it on the screen to use it with a compatible app.

How do I identify my Adobe Ink?

Once you've set up Adobe Ink, double-click the Adobe Ink button. The indicator glows with the custom identity color you defined.

I can't connect to an app on my iPad

Adobe Ink connects to your iPad using Bluetooth 4.0. Connect Adobe Ink using a compatible app, such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch or Adobe Illustrator Line. If you're having trouble connecting, check the following:

My Adobe Ink doesn't charge

Adobe Ink charges when it is placed in the charging base and is plugged in. The indicator on the charging base pulses red while Adobe Ink is charging. When the battery level is over 80%, the indicator displays a rainbow sequence. If your Ink is not charging, try the following:

Note: Adobe Slide does not require charging.

I can't connect Adobe Ink to Creative Cloud

Adobe Ink uses your iPad Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to communicate with Adobe Creative Cloud. Try the following:

I am having trouble using Ink with my iPad Air 2.

There is a known, intermittent issue with the iPad Air 2, in which Ink stops drawing mid-stroke. A solution will require SDK (software) updates by Adobe.

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