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Pixelpoint technology is the stylus engine that drives the Jot line. The innovative technology works with Bluetooth LE, accelerometer data and your iPad's capacitive screen to seamlessly place the ink point directly under the stylus tip. It's what allows Adonit to create discless styluses that guarantee precision in every line, letter and signature.

Natural Handwriting

Pixelpoint technology allowed us to shrink the stylus tip on the Jot Script down to 1.9mm, 70% smaller than the nearest competition. While fingers and rubber styluses feel more like markers or crayons, the Jot Script looks and behaves like a true digital pen. The tip’s material was handpicked to mimic the drag of a pen on paper, and combined with Pixelpoint technology, it gives you more control and expression in every stroke.

Artistic Control

The Jot Touch with Pixelpoint has an improved Pixelpoint tip that’s only 3.1mm, smaller than any other stylus for digital artists. The fine point tip gives digital artists increased precision and control, while the stronger antenna creates accurate lines and strokes. The result is a natural drawing experience that makes Jot Touch with Pixelpoint the best iPad stylus for digital artists.

How It Works

Touch screens emit a signal from the edges of the device, forming a grid across the screen. Your finger, which is conductive, connects the signals and tells the device where on the grid the contact occurred. iOS is specifically designed to ignore small points of conductivity; this eliminates accidental touches, but also forces most styluses to have large, bulky tips. Pixelpoint technology solves this problem by detecting the signal from the device and rebroadcasting it in a larger diameter that’s recognized as a touch by the iPad’s screen.


Jot Script is the first stylus powered by Pixelpoint Technology.

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A 3.1mm tip, tailored specifically for artists to give them complete control and accuracy.

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