Adonit Wireless TravelCube Support


How long does it take to fully charge TravelCube for the first time?

Around 3 hours.

What does the round upper LED light indicate?

The round upper LED light indicates the status of Wireless Charging.
- Red Light: Wireless Charging ON
- Green Light: Wirelessly Charging OFF

Will the TravelCube auto power off when not in use?

The TravelCube will auto power off after 30 seconds without any devices actively charging.

What does the lower digital LED screen indicate?

The lower digital LED screen shows the current battery power level of the TravelCube.

What kinds of wireless charging specifications does TravelCube support?

The TravelCube supports Qi wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices.

How many watts does the wireless charging feature output?

The TravelCube wireless charging feature can support up to 5W.

Can TravelCube charge both wireless and wired USB devices?

Yes, the TravelCube can simultaneously charge wireless devices and wired devices for a total output of 24W.

Can TravelCube be used to charge a MacBook?

TravelCube is able to charge MacBooks with a USB Type-C charging port. TravelCube will provide a maximum output of 12W while you use your MacBook for regular operations, such as Word processing and internet browsing. For high power consuming operations, such as video gaming and programs requiring a high performance of CPU/memory operation, TravelCube can only extend your battery life and may not be able to charge your laptop battery back to full level.

Why does my TravelCube automatically reboot?

Please charge your device separately or check if there is a problem with your USB cable.

Still have questions?

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