Adonit Universal Adapter Support


 What is the Adonit Universal Adapter?

Adonit Universal Adapter is a multinational adaptor with USB and Type-C ports and it’s made for portable devices, it’s supper convenient for traveling.

What appliances or devices can I use Adonit Universal Adapter with?

Multi Socket:
The product is suitable for use with most electronic devices up to 2500W at 250V and 1000W at 100V. It can be used with a multitude of appliances such as: Laptops, Small travel hair dryers, Travel irons, Electric fan, Table lamp, Electric razors, etc.

Note: The Multi Socket is not voltage converted. Please make sure your appliances support both 100V and 220V power input before use.

USB and Type-C port
Adonit Universal Adapter has 2 different wats version products for USB and Type-C ports. 30W and 61W. You may purchase it depending on the power requirement by your device.

Suitable for use with Cameras, Smartphone, Tablet, Portable Game Console, Bluetooth speaker, Power bank, etc.

What to do if Adonit Universal Adapter is overheated?

Adonit Universal Adapter has temperature protection, the fuse will be firstly burned and won’t leave the Adapter hazardously overheated.

What to do if Adonit Universal Adapter’s fuse is burnt out?

Adonit Universal Adapter has a spare fuse stored in the space next to the fuse location.

How to change Adonit Universal Adapter’s fuse?


1. Take out both fuses in the device with a small Flat screwdriver.

2. Take out the burned fuse from the hoder and replace the new fuse.

3. You also could change the new fuse. standard: 250V 10A, BS1362 approved.


1.You should remove all the devices before you change the new fuse.

2.Please confirm whether the product is wet and there is water flowing out.

Where can I buy more fuse if the spare one stored is burned as well, do you sell replacement fuse?

No, we don’t sell replacement fuses, you may purchase them on Amazon or at electrical stores.
Fuse model: standard: 250V 10A, BS1362.

Does the whole device have voltage converted?

No, Multi Socket is not voltage converted. Only the USB ports and Type-C ports are converted.


• Before use, please read this instruction carefully! This product does not convert voltage (AC-AC), in order to avoid possible damage to your device or other safety hazards, please make sure the power outlet you intend to use has the proper voltage to run your device before using this adapter.

• Each country has its own regulations regarding the use of travel adapters, please check in each country before use.

• No grounding, This product is for use with unearthed or double insulated appliances only.

• Indoor use only

How to use Adonit Universal Adapter?


Built-in multi-nation plugs can be selected to fit all outlets in different countries. Safety function switches ensure only one plug is energized.


1. Please make sure that the button is reset when the button is pushed out and retracted to the bottom, and if the button is not reset, it means that the pug has not been pushed in place and will affect the normal use.

2. Only one plug-type can be used at one time by sliding the knob selection, other plug-pins are locked automatically.

Slightly press the button and slide to the down for intended plug completely as shown.make sure the contact blades are turned to the parallel position.

Recover the plug: press and hold the intended button to release and continue to pull up, until the plug completely pulls the top and then release the button, then the button will reset and lock the plug.

For further detail, please refer to the User guide that comes with the Adonit Universal Adapter.

Why can’t I push out the plug from the device?

1.Before your push out, press and release the intended knob and you are able to push it out.

2.Check whether other plugs are pushed back in place and locked on.

Will it cause a breaker tripping if full output ports of Adonit Universal Adapter are occupied?

No, it won’t. With the over voltage/ current/ temperature protection, the fuse will be firstly burned as soon as it’s overloaded, it won’t let breaker tripping happen.

Can I still use the Adonit Universal Adapter as a regular adapter with no voltage convert ability if the fuse is burnout?

No, if the fuse is burnout, the whole unit does not work at all.

What to do if I break one of the multinational plugs? Can it be repaired or replaced with a replacement part?

No, no repair or replacement are available.

Still have questions?

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