Adonit Switch Support


What is the Adonit Switch?

The Switch is an evolution of the Jot Flip concept with an updated design. One end has a Precision Disc stylus tip while the other end houses a standard ballpoint ink pen.

What devices is the Switch compatible with?

All iOS and Android touch screens, as well as any other device with a capacitive touch screen.

    What type of ink can I use with the Adonit Switch?

    The Adonit Switch includes a 0.8 mm black ink cartridge, but you can replace this with any standard D1 sized ink cartridge if you prefer a different color or tip size.

    How do I replace the Precision Disc on my Switch?

    If your ball tip has become damaged in some way, we do have replacements available. Purchase replacement ball tips for the new Jot Pro or the previous generation Jot Pro on our spare parts page.

    How do I replace the ink cartridge?

    Our online store at as well as Amazon currently, and in retail stores later in 2016.

    How do I replace the ink cartridge?

    First, twist the two sections of the Switch until they can be separated. Next, pull the ink cartridge directly out of the body of the stylus, then insert the new cartridge in the same direction (writing point out). Push the ink cartridge down into the stylus until you meet solid resistance - you should feel the interior of the stylus "grab" the back end of the ink cartridge at a certain point. Once that’s done, re-attach the extra body section and you’re ready to get started!

    How do I extend or retract the ink pen tip?

    Twist the two body sections of the stylus in opposite directions, and the ink tip will retract into the body of the stylus when not in use. Twist those two sections back the other way to extend the tip when you’re ready to write on paper.

    Where can I purchase the Adonit Switch?

    Our online store at as well as Amazon currently, and in retail stores later in 2016.

    Still have questions?

    Email us at and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand.