Adonit Pro 4 Support


What is the Pro 4?

The Pro 4 is a passive, non-Bluetooth stylus that uses a disc to interact with any touchscreen.

How is the Pro 4 different than the Pro 1-3?

The Pro 4 looks and feels more like a pen than the Pro 3. Also, the Pro 4 (~22g) is heavier than the Pro 3 (~19g).
Pro 4 use the same replacement disc kit as Pro 3:

Does the Pro 4 require charging?

No, the Pro 4 does not have a battery and does not require charging.

Why isn't the Pro 4 working on my touchscreen?

The disc on the Pro 4 can get dirty or wear out over time.

If the Pro 4 isn't working, try cleaning the disc first.

The Pro 4 uses replacement disc kits that are available here:

To change the disc kits:

1) Remove the old disc kits from the Pro 4 by pulling the old disc kit away from the Pro 4 stylus.
2) Put the new disc kit into the Pro 4 by placing the new disc kit inside the Pro 4.

Still have questions?

Email us at and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand.