Adonit Prime-Dash Support


What is the Adonit Prime-Dash?

Prime-Dash is a multi-compatible stylus with interchangeable digital cartridge.

What devices will Prime-Dash work with?

All iPhones.
A screen protector will give you an enhanced user experience.

Does Prime-Dash support palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, tilt for shading?


How do you begin using Adonit Prime-Dash?

Kindly remove the pen cap and when it flashes green, it’s ready to work.

How do I replace the digital cartridge?

1.Remove pen cap.
2.Unscrew "the section".
3.Remove "the section" from the Digital Cartridge.
4.Change the another Cartridge.
5.Screw "the section" back to the Digital Cartridge.
6.Unscrew "the section" back to the pen barrel.

Please see the tutorial video here.

Does Prime-Dash have Bluetooth? Do I need to pair the Prime-Dash with an app?

No, Prime-Dash does not have Bluetooth. You don’t need to pair your Prime-Dash with the device or Bluetooth.

What apps do you recommend for Prime-Dash?

Prime-Dash will work as a basic non-Bluetooth stylus in any iOS app. For a full list of compatible apps, please visit our Adonit Connected Apps Page.

What does the LED light’s mean on the Adonit Prime-Dash?

On the pen
Green light: Pen has been powered on or is awake from sleep.
No light: Pen is in functional use.
Red light flashing: Pen has low power.

On the charging Dock
Solid red light: Pen is charging.
Solid green light: Pen is fully charged.

How do I charge my Prime-Dash?

To charge, connect the USB-C end to a USB-C port. Then insert the pen tip to the Dock and when you see the red light, it’s properly positioned for charging.

How long does it take to charge Prime-Dash?

Prime-Dash should be fully charged in 90 minutes.

How long will Prime-Dash last on a full charge? What is the battery life of the Prime-Dash?

12 hours of continuous use.

How to turn off Prime-Dash and does it automatically turn off?

1.Put the pan cap on and screw all in. Pen should turn off.

2.Yes, Prime-Dash will automatically turn off after 15 minutes if no movement of the pen is detected. To turn it on again, it needs to put back the pen cap or put on the charging dock to be able to turn it on again.

Note: Reconnecting the pen cap means putting the cap back on the pen properly and screw it all the way in. Pen tip is able to reach to the very end of the cap button, where reconnecting happens.

Will Prime-Dash pen’s battery level continue to decrease if I do not put the cap back on?

Yes, battery level continues to drop unless you put on the pen cap or it stays still for 15 minutes.

Is there any replacement part available for Prime-Dash?

Yes. Prime-Dash has a Digital cartridge and Charging Dock for replacement.

Note: Tip of Prime-Dash is not replaceable, it needs to be replaced with the cartridge.

What comes in the box?

Adonit Prime-Dash, USB-C Charging Dock. User Guide.

Still have questions?

Email us at and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand.