Adonit PhotoGrip Support


How long does it take to fully charge the Adonit PhotoGrip?

Charging time is about 0.5~1 hour.

What is the battery life of PhotoGrip?

20 hours/72,000 photos with continuous use.

How do I charge PhotoGrip?

Slide the detachable shutter remote away from the body of the PhotoGrip to remove. Connect to a micro-USB cable to recharge.

How do I turn PhotoGrip ON/OFF?

- To turn ON: Hold the shutter remote down until a blue light appears.
- To turn OFF: Hold the shutter remote down until the solid blue turns to a quick blink and turns off.

What does the LED Light on the shutter remote indicate?

When the battery is low, the blue LED will continuously blink. Please connect a micro-USB cable to recharge. While the shutter remote is connected to the micro-USB and fully charged, the blue LED will go out.

How do I pair my smartphone with PhotoGrip?

- Turn on PhotoGrip by holding the button on the shutter remote control until a blue flashing light appears.
- Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone: Go into your phone Settings > Turn Bluetooth ON > Turn On PhotoGrip’s remote control > Pair.
- PhotoGrip is paired when the light on the shutter remote remains solid blue.

How do I to take photos with PhotoGrip?

Open your camera or selected photo app and firmly press the button once to take a photo.

Does PhotoGrip support burst mode?


Can the shutter remote operate when charging?

No, the shutter remote will not operate when in charging mode.

What size smartphones can PhotoGrip support?

When a device is attached horizontally, PhotoGrip can support a width of 62.5mm - 85mm and max depth of 10mm.

Which operating systems can PhotoGrip support?

Smartphones with iOS 5.0 and above, Android 4.2.2 and above.

Can the disc on the stylus be replaced or removed?

No, the disc on the stylus cannot be removed or replaced.

Is there a warranty on the Adonit PhotoGrip?

The Adonit PhotoGrip has a 1-year limited warranty (except for the PhotoGrip’s precision disc stylus pen).

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