Adonit Note⁺ 2 Support


What is the Adonit Note⁺ 2?

Note⁺ 2 is an active pen with the following features: Magnetical Attachment, Native Palm Rejection, Pressure Sensitivity, Two Programmable Shortcut Buttons, Tilt Support, High Accuracy and Fluency, and quick wake up Notes app.

What devices does Note⁺ 2 work with?

Adonit Note⁺ 2 is designed to work with iPad and iPad Pro (2018 or later).

Compatible models:

iPad Air (3rd Generation) A2152 A2123 A2153 A2154 (4th Generation) A2316 A2324 A2325 A2072 (5th Generation) A2588 A2589 A2591

iPad mini (5th Generation) A2133 A2124 A2126 A2125 (6th Generation) A2567 A2568 A2569

iPad (6th Generation) A1893 A1954 (7th Generation) A2197 A2198 A2200 (8th Generation) A2270 A2428 A2429 A2430 (9th Generation) A2602 A2604 A2603 A2605 (10th Generation) A2696 A2757 A2777

iPad Pro 11-inch (1st Generation) A1980 A1934 A1980 (2nd Generation) A2231 A2230 A2068 A2228 (3rd Generation) A2460 A2459 A2301 A2377 (4th Generation) A2762 A2435 A2761 A2759

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Generation) A1983 A2014 A1895 A1876 (4th Generation) A2233 A2232 A2069 A2229 (5th Generation) A2462 A2461 A2379 A2378 (6th Generation) A2766 A2764 A2437 A2436

Adonit Note⁺ 2 is compatible with iPad (6th/7th/8th/9th/10th Generation) but does not attach magnetically to the iPad.

    Why can't I use Adonit Note⁺ 2 on iPad 2018?

    Adonit Note⁺ 2 supports all models listed above with iOS 12.2 or later. Update iOS to 12.2 or later and the iPad should work with Adonit Note⁺ 2.

    Please disconnect previously connected digital pencil, e.g., Apple Pencil.

    I have updated iOS to 12.2 or later versions. Why am I still not able to use Adonit Note⁺ 2 with my device?

    Please disconnect previously connected digital pencil, e.g., Apple Pencil.

    I use the recommended apps on the webpage. Why can't I successfully pair Adonit Note⁺ 2 with them?

    Please go to the App Store and update the app to the latest version. Then you should pair successfully.

    Can I use Note⁺ 2 on other capacitive touchscreen devices? (i.e. iOS device)

    No, Note⁺ 2 is only designed for specific iOS tablets. If your device is not shown on the compatibility list, there are other stylus options for you. Please refer to our iOS compatible stylus list to find out the best stylus for you.

    Does Note⁺ 2 support Bluetooth? Do I need to pair the Note⁺ 2 with the app?

    Yes, Note 2 supports Bluetooth. You do not need to pair the Note 2 with the device via Bluetooth for palm rejection and tilt support. Simply power it on and start using. However, for pressure sensitivity and shortcut button features, you will need to pair Note 2 to specific apps to activate. Please refer to the APPs Page for supported apps.

    How do you start using Adonit Note⁺ 2?

    To start using Note⁺ 2, simply hold down button A until a blue light is illuminated. Then place the tip on the screen to navigate, tap, or write. You could also wake up the Notes app on lock screen by double tapping the screen to launch the Notes app.

    Why can't I wake up the Notes app when double tapping the screen?

    There is a difference between lock screen and screen off. The Note⁺ 2 wakes nothing up when the screen is off. Please make sure the screen is in the lock mode in order to wake it up.

    In addition, the Notes app wake-up feature is restricted for users to access the Notes app without unlocking your screen. It still requires your credential or passcode to access the device.

    Why I find no Blue Spot for pairing in the app or the Blue Spot has no response to my pen at all?

    Before you start pairing, a quick press on button A or B, then it's ready to pair.

    In the latest iPad iOS 13, your permission is required to allow the app to access Bluetooth when opening those apps that feature Bluetooth. Note that even when your Bluetooth is already on with your device, your permission is still required to be able to use it.

    If you are not sure whether it is allowed, you may go to the device's Setting menu, find your app, turn on the Bluetooth in the "Allow App to Access". Then you can use the app with Bluetooth.

    Why does Note⁺ 2 not automatically connect to the same app when re-launching the app that was connected before?

    1. Check your Bluetooth that is turned on with your device.

    2. Press either button A or B, it will auto connect to the app.

    How do I use the special features of Note⁺ 2? (e.g. palm rejection)

    As long as your device supports Adonit Note⁺ 2, it supports the advanced features like palm rejection. No need to set up in your devices or apps.

    Pressure sensitivity and shortcut buttons, on the other hand, require pairing in apps to be activated.

    What apps do you recommend for Note⁺ 2?

    Note⁺ 2 will work as a basic non-Bluetooth stylus and a Bluetooth stylus. As a non-Bluetooth stylus, it works in any iOS app with palm rejection.

    As a Bluetooth stylus, please refer to a full list of compatible apps and visit our Adonit Connected APPs Page.

    Does Note⁺ 2 support tilt for shading?

    Yes, you can tilt your Adonit Note⁺ 2 against the screen to virtually create "shade" effects in drawing with specific brushes.

    Tilt feature is only available with some iOS apps. For a full list of tilt supported apps, please visit our Adonit Connected APPs Page.

    Does Adonit Note⁺ 2 support pressure sensitivity?

    Yes, Adonit Note⁺ 2 supports 2048-levels pressure sensitivity.

    Does Adonit Note⁺ 2 support shortcut buttons?

    Adonit Note⁺ 2 features two configurable shortcut buttons allowing you to quickly access various features like undo, redo, or erase in recommended apps.

    How do you turn on and off Note⁺ 2?

    On: Press Button A once to turn on, once LED light turns blue the Note⁺ 2 is active.

    Off: Press Button A for 5 seconds, or leave it idle for 20 minutes.

    Can I turn off Note⁺ 2 while using it with app?

    No, Note⁺ 2 will not be able to force turning off while connected with the app. You need to go back to home screen or close the app so the 5 second force off is enabled.

    Does Note⁺ 2 automatically turn off?

    Note⁺ 2 will automatically turn off after 20 minutes if no button is pressed or no movement of the pen is detected.

    What do the LED lights indicate on the Note⁺ 2?

    Blue light turns on: Note⁺ 2 has been powered on or fully charged.

    No light: Note⁺ 2 has been powered off.

    Red light flashes: Note⁺ 2 is in low power.

    Red light turns on: Note⁺ 2 is charging.

    How do I charge my Note⁺ 2?

    To charge, just insert the Type-C USB cable that comes with the package into the charging end of Note⁺ 2 and plug the remaining end into a standard USB port.

    How long does it take to charge Note⁺ 2?

    Note⁺ 2 should be fully charged in 60 minutes.

    How long will Note⁺ 2 last on a full charge?

    8 hours of continuous use.

    Is there any replacement part available for Note⁺ 2?

    Yes, Note⁺ 2 has a replacement tip available for purchase online. The tip is designed to be removable so that it can be replaced if necessary. Replacement tips can be purchased from our Replacements page.

    How to replace the tip for Note⁺ 2?

    Remove the tip by pulling it up. Then directly insert one to install a new tip.

    What comes in the box?

    Adonit Note⁺ 2 stylus, 3 tips (soft, medium, and hard), Type-C cable, and user manual.

    Does Note⁺ 2 support magnetical attachment?

    Yes, you can magnetically attach with iPad mini (6th Generation)、iPad Air (4th/5th Generation)、iPad Pro 11-inch (1st/2nd/3rd/4th Generation)、iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd/4th/5th/6th Generation).