Adonit Neo Support


What are Adonit Neo’s features?

Adonit Neo can attach magnetically to tablets with magnetic function, it supports palm rejection with perfect precision and imperceptible lag.

What are the specifications of the Adonit Neo?

Dimension: 165 mm * 9 mm
Item Weight: 14 g
Material: Aluminum + Pom Plastic.

How long does it take to fully charge the Adonit Neo?

It takes 1hr 40 mins for the Adonit Neo to be fully charged.

How long will Adonit Neo last on a full charge?

9 hours.

What devices does Adonit Neo work with?

iPad Air (3rd/4th Gen)
iPad mini (5th/6th Gen)
iPad (6th/7th/8th/9th Gen)
iPad Pro (3rd/4th/5th Gen, 11" & 12.9")
and Newer Version of iPad

Why can’t I use Adonit Neo on iPad Pro 2018?

Please try the following steps to solve the problem:

1. Make sure you have updated your iOS to version 12.2 or above, to check this, please go to iPad Settings → General → Software Update.
2. Disconnect any digital pencils, such as Apple Pencil from your device.

Can I use Adonit Neo on other capacitive touchscreen devices?

No, Adonit Neo is designed only for the new version of iOS tablets.
If your device is not on the list, we still have other styluses for you.
For more information, please contact for customer service.

Does Adonit Neo have Bluetooth? Do I need to pair Adonit Neo with any apps?

No, Adonit Neo does not have Bluetooth, it can be used by simply pressing the button on the top of the stylus, there’s no need to pair it with any devices or Bluetooth.

How do I use the special features of Adonit Neo? (i.e palm rejection)

No need to set up on your device or apps.
As long as your device supports Adonit Neo, it will support advanced features like palm rejection.
However, some apps may choose not to enable those active stylus features.

Does Adonit Neo support tilt for shading?


Does Adonit Neo support pressure sensitivity?


What do different colors of LED light on Adonit Neo represent?

No light: Adonit Neo has been powered off.
Blue light turns on: Adonit Neo has been powered on or fully charged.
Red light turns on: Adonit Neo is undercharging.

How do I charge my Adonit Neo?

To charge, just insert the included standard micro USB-C connector into the charging end of Note and plug the remaining end into a standard USB-C port. (You don’t need to use any adapters)

If I forget to turn Adonit Neo off, it will turn off automatically?

Yes, it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.

Is the tip of Adonit Neo replaceable?

Yes. The Adonit Neo uses a spiral tip that can be replaced easily.

What is included in each box of Adonit Neo?

Adonit Neo Stylus *1
USB-C Cable *1
User Manual *1

How long does the warranty last on the Adonit Neo?

We provide a one-year limited warranty.

Still have questions?

Email us at and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand.