Adonit Dash 3 Support


What’s different with the new Dash 3 ?

The new Dash 3 features a wider LED indication light, an advanced Pixelpoint tip and improvements to hardware and design.

What is Adonit Dash 3?

With a simple click,­ Dash 3 is ready to write, sketch and highlight making it our quickest, most intuitive stylus to date. There’s no need to connect to apps, letting you capture inspiration when it strikes. The powered 1.9 mm Pixelpoint tip offers a smoother writing motion than a rubber tip for seamless sketches and accurate signatures. Feel secure carrying Dash to the coffee shop or to the next meeting with its classic pen clip design. Adonit Dash 3 is your click and go stylus for fast ideas in a digital world.

What devices does the Dash 3 work with?

Works with most iOS touch devices, and most Android touchscreen devices. NOT compatible with iPad Pro.

What apps does the Dash 3 work with?

The Dash 3 has the benefit of working in virtually any application. If you can write with your finger inside the app then you can use the Adonit Dash 3.

How do you begin using the Dash 3?

To begin using the Dash 3, simply power it on, place it onto the screen and use the tip to navigate, draw, or write as you would with your finger.

Is the Dash 3 powered?

Yes, the Dash 3 does require power in order to operate its tip.

How do I turn the Adonit Dash 3 on and Off?

Press the button on the base of the Dash 3 to turn it on or off, just like a clickable pen. It will shut off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

How do I charge the Dash 3?

To charge the Adonit Dash 3 simply attach to the charging base and plug into a USB port.

What do the LED light’s mean on the Adonit Dash 3?

Green light stepped up in brightness: Dash 3 has been powered on.

Solid Green light: The Dash 3 is fully charged when in the charging base.

Red: The LED light will flash red when the Dash 3 is out of power/The light will pulse red while the Dash 3 is charging.

Does the Dash 3 have bluetooth?

The Dash 3 does not utilize bluetooth which allows it to work in any application with handwriting support.

Do I need to pair the Dash 3 with an app?

You do not need to pair the Dash 3 in order to use it, so it may be used anywhere, anytime!

Does the plastic tip on the Adonit Dash 3 need to be replaced?

No the tip should not need to be replaced. It is made from a very durable composite polymer plastic. Do not attempt to remove the tip itself as it could damage the device. If you have issues with the plastic tip, please contact the support team.

Is the Adonit Dash 3 compatible with screen devices.

Some screen protectors may cause issues with the Adonit Dash 3, particularly thick, glass, or highly glossy versions. PET or matte finish protectors seem to work the best if one is used.

What comes in the box?

Dash 3 comes with the Dash 3 stylus and the USB charger.

How long is the charge time for the Dash 3? How long will the battery last?

Charge time: 45 minutes
Battery: 14 hours of use

Still have questions?

Email us at and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand.