What iOS 9 and predictive touching means for JOT

By Dylan Harvey

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iOS 9 has finally arrived and Adonit couldn’t be more excited. Among the many new features to boost productivity on your mobile devices (e.g. split view multitasking, sketching in the Notes app and annotation tools in Microsoft Office) we wanted to highlight a few updates that will enhance your Adonit Jot experience.

Apple has dramatically improved on both touch recognition and their graphics engine. These upgrades bring better speed, accuracy and responsiveness to drawing and note taking apps, giving you an even more precise Jot stylus experience. Apple has also pioneered a way to push responsiveness even further with a new technology called touch prediction.

Touch prediction is “a very sophisticated algorithm that looks at (your) touch’s velocity, acceleration and curvature to predict where the touch is headed.” (- Jason Beaver, Sr Engineering Manager of iOS Platform Tech) Meaning, the app will draw slightly ahead of where the stylus is, bypassing some additional latency (the lag between the stylus stroke and your screen registering the stroke) giving the appearance of ink flowing straight from the tip of your stylus.

The Jot Pro and Mini can take advantage of touch prediction very soon as most apps are incorporating it into their software. Adonit will also release software updates that mirror this functionality for the connected Jot Touch and Script. Stay tuned.

All in all, Apple claims these technologies will reduce their display latency to a mere 30 milliseconds, halving their current industry leading of 60 milliseconds. This is an amazing advancement and will result in the much smoother, more natural pen to paper like feel for all Adonit Jots.