Introducing Jot Dash

By Dylan Harvey

The way people work is changing because of tablets and smartphones. We’re using several connected devices at work and at home to help us be more productive. Whether users are taking notes in a meeting or making their to-do list, we’re entering into an increasingly digital world.

At Adonit, our goal is to help users do more with their devices in the digital world and enhance productivity in users’ personal and professional lives. We want to help them use their devices to their fullest potential - and we believe styluses can help them do so. Styluses bring back the feel of writing on pen and paper, but in a digital format. In the tradition of helping our customers work smarter with our Jot stylus line, which has shipped more than 3 million units to-date, we’re introducing a new member of the family.

Jot Dash

Today, we are excited to launch the Jot Dash. It is our most intuitive and pen-like stylus to date, and works on iOS and Android.

The new Jot Dash is quick and simple. With a click, you are ready to write without the need to connect to apps or change settings. Pick up Dash when you feel inspired and click it off after your idea is digitally captured. It’s that easy.

The 1.9mm tip is powered for precision and a pen-like stroke. Where a rubber tip is imprecise and can feel like a smudge, Dash glides precisely across any iOS or Android touchscreen.

Jot Dash

Jot Dash looks and feels like a pen. Its balanced aluminum body is a mere 8.5mm in diameter. The sleek design and clip means it can easily fit into any pocket, case or bag and is ready to carry.

Whether you want to take handwritten notes in an app like Notability, or need to sketch a room layout in a drawing app like Procreate, Jot Dash is the click-and-go stylus for fast ideas in a digital world. We're excited for our fans to test out this new stylus and introduce the Dash to a whole new world of users.

Now tell us, how has a Jot helped you get more out of your device?

Take a look at Jot Dash