Featured Artist: Chelsey Conroy

By Susannah Sodergren

Chelsey Conroy Featured Artist Chelsey Conroy

First came love, then she went digital.

"I love to paint … But unfortunately painting hasn't fit my lifestyle for a long time now, and that's why I switched to digital. I think my true love is painting.

"I lived in Milan, so I was going back and forth a lot … I never had studio space. So all of a sudden to have an iPad … and just take it with me and not have to worry about cleaning brushes or buying new ones or starting over or finding studio space was amazing – so it really took off quite fast."

chelsey conray art #1

Making it real

"When I found the Jot Touch … it brought a whole other level of realism to the drawing and the painting to have that Bluetooth sensitivity, and to be able to make my lines thinner and thicker without having to go back and adjust. It just brought that naturalness … "

chelsey conray art #2 chelsey conray art #3

Less mechanic, more romantic

"A brush, if you were using it in real life, will get fatter and thinner depending on the pressure. It's nice to have that mimicked so that the picture doesn't feel so stiff, it doesn't feel so digital. It doesn't feel so mechanical, but it brings it to life a little bit more to kind of add that whimsicalness.

"I like to almost try to recreate mistakes that you would see in a painting, like water being on the lines … I will go back and make a stiff line, and take a water brush, and brush it out to make it look like it bled – so that things look softer.

"I think painting is very romantic, and to see those brushstrokes is very romantic."

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