Where to find Forge

By Adonit

Just a few months ago, Adonit created a new app called Forge. The app grew up really fast.

Built as the digital workspace for visual thinking, Forge debuted to praise from users and critics, including featured placements as the iTunes App Store Editors’ Choice and the February App of the Month.

In light of Forge’s success, we’ve decided that Forge deserves its own community. Today, we’re proud to announce that Forge has become its own software company, and Adonit continues to grow quickly as a hardware-focused company.

With three of Adonit’s original founders here, and two now at Forge, we’re excited to keep working together to create the best stylus-and-app experience around. So stay tuned.

Check out Forge’s new community at buildwithforge.com, and send any questions to support@buildwithforge.com. Let’s keep building ideas together!

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