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Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub

Transform a single USB C port into a 5-in-1 USB-C hub with two USB 3.0 ports, 4K HDMI and USB-C Power Delivery 100W charging port. Offering 4K resolutions at 60Hz, 5Gbps data transfer and Matte Black Design.



    • Retractable USB-C Connector

    • 100W PD Pass-through Charging Port

      The USB-C port powers Delivery a compatible laptop with 100W Power up to 100W (minus 15W for operation)
    • Matte Black & Compact Design

      Aluminum scratch-protection coating for superior abrasion and elegance.
    • HDMI: 4K@60Hz

      HDMI port outputs resolutions up to 4K@60Hz to a connected display. Stream UHD videos to a 4K TV, monitor, or projector.


  • Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub
    • Product Dimension : 88*38*9.5 mm
    • Product Weight : 45g
    • Max Output : Support PD charging at max 100W
    • HDMI Output: 3840*2160P 4K@60Hz
    • Data transfer : 3*USB3.0 A ports support transmission speed rates of up to 5 Gbps
    • Material : Plastic and Aluminum


  • What is Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    1 USB-C port(PD 100W charging), 3 USB3.0 ports (5 Gbps), 1 HDMI port (HDMI: 4K @60Hz) - all in one hub
  • What comes in the box?
    Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub.
  • What is the dimension and weight of a Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    88*38*9.5 mm & 45g
  • What is the max output of a Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    Support PD charging at max 100w.
  • What is the HDMI output of a Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    3840*2160P@4K 60Hz.
  • What is the data transfer of a Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    3*USB3.0 A ports, support transmission speed rates of up to 5 Gbps.
  • What is the material of a Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    Plastic and Aluminum.
  • What devices are compatible with Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub is compatible with the latest USB-C laptops and smart devices.
  • How could I know whether Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub is compatible with my laptop?
    Before purchasing, you need to check your USB-C port of your laptop whether support Data Transfer/Power Delivery/Display.
    Most situations, you will see the icons next to the USB-C port.

    Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C + Power Delivery + Displayport Alt Mode / USB-C +Displayport Alt Mode >> YES
    USB-C + Power Delivery / USB-C >> NO

    If no icons, please contact your device manufacturer and ask if your device is compatible with Data Transfer/Power Delivery/Display.
  • Can Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub safely power multiple external USB 3.0 hard drives simultaneously?
    The USB port is powered by upstream device. The power supply depends on the USB port of upstream device.
    To ensure stable connection ,we don’t recommend to connect two or more high-consuming devices simultaneously.
  • Does the wall charger come with the USB-C hub ?
    No, just the USB-C hub itself. You plug it into the USB-C hub port on your laptop and it’ll power the USB-C hub.
  • Is the USB-C hub USB-C port only work for charging?
    Yes, the USB-C hub port on the hub is just for charging.
  • Can the USB-C hub transfer data and charge at same time?
    Yes, you can.
  • Is the 100W PD charger included in the USB-C hub package or sold separately?
    There is no 100W PD charger included. This product is only a USB-C hub.
  • Can I use HDMI, PD, and the usb ports simultaneously with Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    Yes, you can.
  • Does Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub heat up during usage?
    Yes. When in use, it will feel a little bit hot to touch(It varies according to the quantity of devices connected), but is normal.
    Please place Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub on a table,
    desk or area in a well-ventilated location instead of operating the hub on a blanket,
    pillow or other soft materila that may block ventilation openings.
  • Can I connect multiple HDD/SSD at the same time?
    Due to power output limitations, connecting only one HDD/SSD at a time will be better.
  • Why can’t I push the USB-C port(retractable USB-C connector) into the hub?
    Press and push the button on the top of the hub to retrieve the port
  • How long is the warranty on Adonit Nest 5-in-1 Hub?
    We provide a one-year limited warranty.

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