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We have just learned that due to changes in iOS 7, your Jot Touch will no longer be able to communicate pressure sensitivity and shortcuts to upgraded devices. This only affects the original Jot Touch, the Jot Touch 4 will still work normally. Please contact with any questions. 


Before using your Jot Touch, you must first pair it with you iPad by doing the following:

  1. On your device, navigate to Settings > General > Bluetooth, then turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Without touching the tip of the stylus, press and hold power button in the grip area until you see the red/green flashing light. ( Note: Touching the disc will incorrectly calibrate Jot Touch to it’s zero position. If pressed simply shut off and restart. )
  3. Select Jot Touch after it appears in the list of pair-able items in your device’s settings.
  4. Enter ‘0000” to confirm you’re pairing with the correct device.
  5. Once successfully paired, the indicator light will flash green and the device settings will show that Jot Touch is connected.

Once Paired, you must enable the Adonit Jot family within your application of choice. For a complete list of Jot Ready Applications and Instructions on how to Enable the Adonit Jot family for each of them, View Jot Ready Apps.

The Original Jot Touch Glossary

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  1. Precision Disc
  2. Dampening Tip
  3. Button A
  4. Power Button
  5. Button B
  6. LED Indicator
  7. Charging Base

How do I wake my stylus up / turn it on?

 Press and hold the power button ( or both shortcut buttons ) until you see the LED turn on.  The blinking LED indicates that your stylus is connected and powered on. 


What does a blinking green and red light mean?


Blinking green and red light indicates your stylus is looking for a bluetooth connection. 

What does an intermittent blinking red light mean?

 An intermittent blinking red light (Blinks red once every 15 seconds) on your Jot Touch means that your battery is low and we recommend charging. 

How do I  turn off my Jot Touch?

To turn your original Jot Touch off, press and hold the power button (or both shortcut buttons) until the indicator light flashes red once. 

How do I charge my Jot Touch? 


  • Plug the USB charger into a standard USB power source.
  • Place the end of the Jot Touch into the USB Charger
 Note: On average it takes 45 minutes for Jot Touch to fully charge.

How do I change my discs?

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My Jot Touch shows it is paired but is not responding, how can I be sure my Jot Touch is synced correctly?

Follow the below steps to make sure your Jot Touch is synced correctly with your iPad.:
1. Reboot the iPad. 
2. Check the correct button sequence has been used to pair; the red and green LEDs should both be blinking if the Jot Touch is in pairing mode. 
3. See if you can pair the Jot Touch with another device; this will help identify whether or not the error is with the Jot Touch. 
4. Delete all paired Bluetooth devices from your iPad's list, turn the iPad off and on, then re-pair the Jot Touch; this will help identify whether or not the error is with your iPad.

If you go through the above steps and still are unable to sync your Jot Touch with your iPad, you may have a faulty Jot Touch; return stylus to Adonit for a replacement by contacting

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