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What is the Jot Script?

The Jot Script Evernote Edition is a brand new fine point stylus developed with Evernote featuring the the smallest stylus tip on the market measuring 1.9mm. Powered by Adonit’s new Pixelpoint™ technology.

Who is Evernote?

Evernote builds products to help people be great at modern life. From award-winning apps used to remember everything and functionally-minded goods for smarter living to a robust service that supports working across organizations, Evernote makes the tools for lifelong personal and professional success. For more information please visit Evernote's site.

What is Penultimate? 

Penultimate is Evernote’s award-winning handwriting application that will provide a seamless and innovative new experience in digital note-taking. For more information please visit the Penultimate website.

How do I set up my Jot Script with Penultimate?

To get started using your Script with Penultimate, check out this great set up video from our partners at Evernote: Set Up Video.

How does the Jot Script connect?

The Jot Script connects to your device using Bluetooth 4 LE technology.

Which devices is the Script compatible with?

The Jot Script is primarily designed with iOS devices in mind. There will be some limited functionality with other capacitive touch screen devices as well. However its features such as Pixelpoint™ and palm rejection are currently only compatible with the iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini(both versions), and the iPhone 4s or newer.

What apps will the Script be compatible with?

Penultimate delivers the optimal experience for the Jot Script. However any app that integrates our updated SDK will also be compatible. An ever growing list of compatible apps can be found on our Jot Ready Apps page.

What features does the Script have?

The Script makes use of our new Pixelpoint™ technology, and some apps will offer Palm Rejection. To learn more about Pixelpoint™ technology please visit our PixelPoint Technology Page.

How does palm rejection work with Penultimate?

Palm rejection or as Penultimate calls it wrist protection must be enabled in the settings menu to function. You will also want to adjust your writting angle in the options to get the best results. You can watch the video above to see exactly how to adjust it.   Please be aware though that three seconds after you stop writing with the script palm rejection will turn off in case you want to also use your finger on the screen. Palm rejection will activate though as soon as you begin writing with Script again.

What powers Jot Script?

The Jot Script is powered by a standard AAA lithium battery and connects effortlessly via Bluetooth 4.0; just grab Jot Script and start writing.The Script will automatically shut itself off after three minutes of idle time to conserve battery life.

How much does the Jot Script cost?

The Jot Script has a price point of $74.99 US dollars before sales tax and shipping costs.

Where can I buy the Jot Script?

You can purchase the Jot Script on our website directly through the Evernote market or on Amazon.

How do I set up the Script with Penultimate?

The Jot Script is paired individually in each app and the process varies slightly from app to app, but in general it pairs in the same manner as the Touch 4. Additional instructions can be found here.

What do the LED lights mean?

The LED light is an indicator of if the Script is on, off, or broadcasting. You can turn the stylus on and begin having it broadcasting by pressing the button once. You can stop the broadcasting process if you choose by pressing the button again. 

Single green light = Stylus is on
Blinking green light = Stylus is broadcasting for connection
Single red light = The stylus is off
Flashing red light = Replace battery

Jot Script doesn’t appear to be functioning at all, why?

Your Jot Script must be turned on to in order to function, even if you have not paired it. To turn the Script on merely hold the button down until you see a green LED light come on.

Will I ever need to replace the tip?

The tip on the Jot Script is very durable and can be used for over 120 kilometers of writing on glass before a replacement is needed. However in the event you do need a replacement tip, please contact us at


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