Natural precision on the iPad from a fine-point, Bluetooth tip.


The pressure sensitive stylus for digital drawing.

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Realistically Responsive

Create strokes as thick or thin as you want. 2,048
levels of pressure sensitivity allow nuanced strokes,
like an ink pen or brush.

Fine-Point Precision

Draw with exceptional accuracy
through a smart Pixelpoint tip.

Better Together:
Pair With Preferred Apps

Jot Touch works with any app. But connecting to a compatible app opens up features like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and more precision.

Shortcut buttons
to stay moving

Program the buttons for quick access to the functions you use most, like erase and redo.

Roll over the Jot to spin

Adobe Creative Cloud Integrated

Quickly pull your files from the cloud, copy and paste between devices,
and make custom color profiles with Adobe Color.

Palm rejection to create comfortably

Rest your hand on the screen without
making unwanted marks.

Made With Jot Touch

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Put your skills on screen with a Jot Touch.

Which Jot is right for you?

Jot Mini

Jot Pro

Jot Dash

Jot Script

Jot Touch

Best For Smartphones,
Everyday Notes and Sketches Pen-like Simplicity Heavy Note Taking Drawing and Creativity
Compatibility iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows iPad, iPhone, Android iPad 4/iPad Air or newer, iPad mini or newer iPad 4/iPad Air or newer, iPad mini or newer
Price $19.99 $29.99 $49.99 $74.99 $99.99
Mobile Clip
Precision Disc
Fine Point Tip
Palm Rejection
Pressure Sensitivity
Shortcut Buttons


Tip: 1.9 mm

Length: 139.7mm

Diameter: 12mm

Connectivity: Bluetooth


iPad 3 & 4

iPad Mini 1-4

iPad Air 1 & 2

Battery Life
(in use)

In use: 11 hours
Sleep mode: ~ 1 month
Charging time: 1.5 hours





Aluminum body with rubber grip

Chrome-plated tip and details