Take next level notes.


The fine-point Bluetooth stylus designed to feel like a pen.

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Ballpoint Precision

Updated Pixelpoint technology inside a 1.9mm tip means you can take faster, smoother notes in your own handwriting.

A natural fit for notetaking

Now built with a slimmer barrel for familiar feel and simple functionality. Just turn on, connect to a compatible app, and start writing.

Roll over the Stylus to spin

Now rechargeable & Always Ready

Adonit Script 2 works for 20 hours or more between charges. USB charger included.

Better Together:
Pair With Preferred Apps

Adonit Script 2 works with any app. But connecting to a compatible app opens up features like palm rejection and increased precision.

Better Palm Rejection

Palm rejection lets you rest your hand comfortably on the screen when working in compatible apps.

Get 6 months of Evernote Premium free with the purchase of every Adonit Script 2 - Evernote Edition Stylus. With Evernote Premium, you get all the powerful tools to save and search your handwritten notes.

Work smarter with a Adonit Script 2 notetaking stylus.

Which Stylus is right for you?

Classic Bluetooth
Adonit Mark


Adonit Mini


Adonit Pro


Adonit Switch


Adonit Dash


Adonit Pixel


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Best For Everyday, multi-purpose Smartphones,
Everyday Notes and Sketches Write on Touchscreens and Paper Pen-like Simplicity Superior Writing and Drawing
Compatibility All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android iPad 4, all iPad Minis, all iPad Airs, iPad 12.9, and iPhone 5 and newer
Palm Rejection
Pressure Sensitivity
Shortcut Buttons
PixelPoint Tip
Disc Tip
Mesh Tip


Tip: 1.9 mm

Length: 140mm

Diameter: 10.5mm


iPad 3 & 4

iPad Mini 1-4

iPad Air 1 & 2

Battery Life
(in use)

iPad 4: 20 hours
iPad Air 2: 20 hours
iPad Air 1: 20 hours
iPad Mini: 20 hours

Charging time: 45-50 minutes


Cool Gray:


Aluminum body with plastic details

Chrome-plated, stainless steel tip