Immediate accuracy on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and most other touchscreen devices.


The most precise basic stylus for writing and drawing on the iPad. Just $29.99.

Simply Accurate

The Precision Disc™ creates an exact contact point with the screen to write exactly where you place it.

Works Smoothly

The cushion tip dampens screen contact for fluid, quiet writing.

Roll over the Jot to spin
  • Protective Cap
  • Carrying Clip
  • Textured Grip
  • Precision Disc

A Strong Profile

The solid aluminum and steel body is built for quality feel and function.

Jot Pro is Always Ready to Go

Just touch Jot to any screen to start writing. Then clip anywhere to carry, so it's always close at hand.

Made With Jot Pro

Let's see yours. Tag your work with #JotPro

Ready to make your mark with a Jot Pro?


Tip: Precision disc

Length: 123mm with cap closed

Diameter: 9.5mm

Weight: 20g


iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android, Windows, and most touchscreen devices.





In comparison to Apple iPad Air 2