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The Natural Evolution of Writing and Drawing
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The New Standard of iPad Stylus

As our most advanced iPad stylus, the Pixel offers unparalleled precision, increased tip drag, and pressure sensitivity for natural writing and drawing across all the latest iPad models.

Improved Performance & Precision

The Pixel’s improved 1.9mm tip creates a paper-like drag that’s more precise and responsive than ever before.

Pressure Sensitive

The Pixel is a pressure sensitive stylus with 2048 levels of sensitivity. Now, you can create nuanced strokes of varying width and weight like an ink pen or brush.

Palm Rejection

Rest your palm comfortably on screen without fear of unwanted marks.

Shortcut Buttons

Programmable shortcut buttons give you easy, one-touch access to your most used tools like erase, redo, and scroll to zoom.

  • Charging Dock
  • 10.5mm Slim Ergonomic Grip
  • 10.5mm Diameter
  • 1.9mm Pixelpoint Tip

Designed for Precision

The Pixel’s brushed aluminum body and sleek, ergonomic design define its aesthetic as an iconic multimedia tool. Pixel is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the hand.

Pick up & Go

The built in grip sensor activates Pixel when you pick it up after it has first been turned on. Now, there’s no more waiting, Pixel is always ready when you are.

Adonit Pixel vs Apple Pencil

  • Pencil$99
  • Pixel$79.99


  • Pencil2 iPads
  • Pixel8 iPads


  • PencilNope.
  • PixelYup.

Shortcut Buttons

Want to learn more? Read the Pixel FAQ

Upgrade your touchscreen experience with a Pixel.

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Best For Everyday, multi-purpose Smartphones, On-the-Go Everyday Notes and Sketches Write on Touchscreens and Paper Pen-like Simplicity Photography and Gaming on Mobile Phones Superior Writing and Drawing
Compatibility All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android All iPads, iPhones, & Android iPhones and Android Phones iPad 4, all iPad Minis, all iPad Airs, iPad 12.9, and iPhone 5 and newer
Palm Rejection
Pressure Sensitivity
Shortcut Buttons
PixelPoint Tip
Disc Tip
Mesh Tip


Tip: 1.9 mm

Length: 150mm

Diameter: 10.5mm

Weight: 20g

Connectivity: Bluetooth


iPhone 5 and newer

iPad Mini 1-4

iPad Air 1 & 2

iPad Pro 12.9"

iBT features with Adonit Connected iOS apps

Battery Life
(in use)

In use: 15 hours
Charging time: 1 hour





Aluminum body with rubber grip

Chrome-plated, stainless steel tip