The Jot Flip stylus and pen combo is like something out of a movie. On one side, it’s the best digital stylus around. And with a twist of the barrel, a fine-tipped steel pen emerges from the other side. Jot Flip is ready to be your go-to in any situation, and the pen clip makes it perfect on-the-go. It’s for those that like their martinis shaken. It’s one pen to rule it all.


Fine Point Stylus

The fine tip gives you accuracy that rubber nibs can’t. The precision disc lets you see exactly where your mark is being made. Jot is the most precise stylus on the market.

Dampening Tip

The sound dampening tip simulates the natural contact of writing with a pen on paper. This means your strokes will be quieter when note-taking or sketching.

Precision Pen

A twist of the barrel reveals a fine-tipped pen on the other side of the disc.

Mobile Clip

For the movers and shakers.


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Jot Ready Apps

Jot Ready Apps provide the best stylus experience on the market 
by integrating Adonit's SDK (Software Development Kit). This 
SDK enhances an app's performance by adding features such as pressure sensitivity, shortcut buttons, and calibrating the screen 
for a stylus rather than a finger.  The list of Jot Ready apps is 
getting longer every day.

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