Meet the original fine point stylus for the iPad and Android. A cap protects the disc and fine tip when Jot’s not in use, and it twists onto the back when Jot is helping you work. Classic comes with the same precision and craftsmanship as the rest of the family, and colors to match your style: Green, Purple, Turquoise, and Red. 


Fine Point Stylus

The fine tip gives you accuracy that rubber nibs can't. The precision disc lets you see exactly where your mark is being made. Jot is the most precise stylus on the market.

Heavy Metal

Jot is composed of durable aluminum and steel, giving it superior conductivity and craftsmanship comparable to a luxury pen. Comes in 4 cool colors.

Protective Cap

Twists onto the front to protect the Precision Disc, and onto the back when you’re working.


Best Notetaking Stylus

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Best Writing Stylus

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Jot Classic Reviews 


Best Stylus

“Adonit's Jot is a stylish, precise stylus for the iPad. You can clearly see the center point of your strokes and you get more feedback.”  




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