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Jot Touch iOS SDK

Do you already have your own drawing engine? Then, the Jot Touch iOS SDK is right for you. The SDK, out of the box, integrates with only a few lines of code and provides your app with everything you need to take your drawing experience to the next level.

  • Pressure sensitivity for more natural lines and strokes.
  • Palm rejection to allow your user’s to touch screen while drawing.
  • Programmable shortcut buttons.
  • Settings UI.
  • Manages all Jot Touch 4 (BT 4.0) and Jot Touch (BT 2.1) connectivity.

View and Download the Jot Touch iOS SDK and Documentation 
in our public GitHub repository.

** We currently do not have an Android SDK. Contact us at if you’d like to help us build one.



iOS Digital Ink SDK

Looking for a jump start to adding a drawing experience within your app? The Digital Ink framework is your head start. This pre-built UI view based library provides you:

  • Automatically works with Jot Touch family
  • Adds pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and shortcut button functionality.
  • Undo and redo functions
  • Import and export images
  • 3 standard brushes to get you started
  • 8 settings for creating your own brushes

View and Download the iOS Digital Ink and Documentation in our
public GitHub repository.





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