Senior Back-end Web Developer

What we’re looking for:

You're a motivated web back-end developer that's looking to lead and grow. Maybe you want to get out of consulting or you're tired of building endless CRUD apps in the enterprise. You want to work on actual, hardware and software based, products that matter and have a huge audience. While the request is straightforward, the projects will be challenging as you work alongside our design and dev teams to:

  • Design, implement, and manage our web and ecommerce channels
  • Explore, plan, and build tools to help automate and streamline our worldwide fulfillment processes
  • Create tools and resources to reach out and help our rapidly expanding developer community
  • Collaborate with the app development teams to architect and deploy tools and resources to compliment our native iOS apps

You are: 

  • Passionate about the end user experience and able to effectively recommend trade-offs between performance, experience, and quality.
  • Comfortable defining and maintaining processes for development, testing (automated and manual), and release cycles.
  • Willing to push the envelope and get your hands dirty. We don’t always work on things that are straightforward and we’ll expect you to dive into things outside your comfort zone to figure out what’s possible.
  • Interested in Objective-C and mobile development.
  • Confident but not cocky. We don’t expect you to know everything, but we do expect you to be honest about it when you don’t.

You Have:

  • 2+ years working with Ruby on Rails, Node or Python as a primary language and/or framework
  • 5+ years developing software with a proven track record.
  • Extensive and current experience architecting and building reliable, scalable RoR applications.
  • The ability to school us on environment automation and scripting.
  • Comfort with front-end web development (OO Javascript and CSS).
  • Strong background in application performance, tuning, and debugging.
  • Experience setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment systems.
  • Experience and consistency with unit testing and TDD
  • A portfolio of applications and/or GitHub track record
  • An eye for detail and great communication skills.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience developing native Objective-C apps on iOS

Who We Are

At Adonit, it’s our belief that technology should enable the creative process, not hinder it. We’re a group of passionate individuals who are on a mission to empower creatives with a new set of physical and digital tools.

The Jot Script, our most recent product, leads the market in precision iPad stylus and was recently picked as a 2013 editor’s choice by Mac World.

We’re an energetic and growing company that takes great pride in our work and our people. If you’re looking for a new opportunity in a collaborative, global, engaging environment, drop us a line.

You can learn more about us and our current products at
At Adonit, you'll find a bunch of very smart, very talented people who love to laugh, make cool stuff, and dream big. If this sounds like you, drop us a line at

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