Life is laughter, experiences, and challenges. It’s engagement. Our environment is built around letting life into our work. We are redefining work as our passion.

We believe in changing the world, and shifting the norms. In order to do so you need to challenge the status quo. Be confident. Be bold.

Together we impact the world in a meaningful way. Individually we help our teammates grow and evolve. We are a diverse, smart, and collaborative group that achieves greatness, by being great teammates.

Our beliefs about all things design.

web designer 

Austin, TX

We are growing fast and we need individuals who are confident, self-sufficient and have great problem-solving abilities. This position is for a full-time onsite mid-level Graphic Designer who would work alongside our design, UX and marketing teams.

senior graphic designer 

Austin, TX

This position is for a full-time, onsite senior-level Graphic Designer who would work alongside our design, UX and marketing teams.

Mid-Level Graphic Designer 

Austin, TX

We're looking for a fantastic mid-level Graphic Designer to join our team and work along side our other Graphic Designers, UX Designers, Industrial Designers, Researchers and Developers.

iOS Developer

Grand Rapids, MI

If you're an iOS developer who is striving to help build amazing applications that are intuitive, approachable and effective. We want to talk with you.

Software Quality Assurance Lead

Grand Rapids, MI

We’re looking for a motivated quality assurance (QA) lead to help augment our software teams. Someone that enjoys problem solving and has a concrete understanding of software testing concepts paired with an amazingly meticulous attention to detail.

EMEA Marketing Coordinator

Taipei, Taiwan

We're looking for an EMEA Marketing Coordinator who would work alongside our existing design and marketing teams.

Customer Service Administrator

Taipei, Taiwan

Our ideal Customer Service Administrator would utilize their level head and positive attitude to use online tools to address customer inquires, communication with our repair center, build on corporate retail support strategy, and handle the receiving and testing of return products. If you have advanced technical ability, and upbeat attitude, the drive to multitask, and the customer service skills to match, this could be your calling.


5 guys across two countries launched the company with Writer, one of the first keyboard cases for
the iPad on the market. Kickstarter was our launch pad as we toiled away from our homes,
basements, and garages. Jot followed 1 year later and launched the company into growth mode.

2,000,000 JOTS SOLD

Jot is making a difference in a wide range of professions. Teachers, students, doctors,
mathematicians, designers, executives, and musicians; all have a way to visually solve problems
on their touch screens. No matter what you do with it, Jot continues to lead the industry as the
best stylus experience.




Born from industry leaders and frustrated by the constraints of the corporate process, we set out to
build a culture and products our way. As a company, we are never satisfied by what is, but instead
search for what can be. This feeling inspires a personal drive in all of us to create, innovate, and
make things better. We hire the best, we work hard, and get it done right.





Our success is driven by our diversity in both culture and knowledge. Our offices operate like
the left and right sides of your brain. With an equal voice from each side, our small company
excels in all areas.


The Macs are bright, the 3-D Printer is humming, and post-its cover the walls. Our office is
equipped for ideas. Designing to change the world is intense, but with the right tools, prototypes,
and camaraderie, we make big things happen. Every voice matters in a tightly knit work
environment that is open, collaborative, and honest.


We’re more than co-workers. We're also friends. We play Ping-Pong after meetings,
watch Netflix during lunch, and there’s food & beer in the kitchen. Work stops at 4 on
Fridays, and the laughter starts. Our company takes advantage of Austin offerings
like SXSW, ACL, and a bar hop down 6th street. We love what we do.