Back to School Sale

By Jocelyn Lo

Our Back to School sale starts on Monday, but to get your discount, you’ll need to put on your thinking cap. Solve a fun riddle and the answer will be your promo code.

Featured Designer: Tom Howard

By Susannah Sodergren

From the middle of a cornfield, in the middle of Indiana, Tom Howard directs the licensed artwork for every item around the world that has Garfield on it, from books and postcards, to toilet paper and leather jackets.

Featured Artist: Chelsey Conroy

By Susannah Sodergren

Fashion stylist and illustrator Chelsey Conroy loves painting, but put down the brush when traveling made it hard to keep up. An iPad and Jot Touch didn't just bring her back to her work, it brought her the things she loves about painting.

Featured App: Felt
The future of old-fashioned greetings

By Brian Nunnery

As we continue to find ways to improve our lives with technology, there are still things that remain, as some put it, "annoyingly manual." One of those things: mailing paper cards to friends and family. Until Felt.

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