Featured Artist: Dave Lowell

By Susannah Sodergren

It’s safe to say that most people don’t know where graffiti comes from. Suddenly, it’s just there. As though a brilliant artist happened by in the night, got struck by inspiration and just let the paint fly.

Improvements Underway for Styluses on iPad Air 2

By Adonit

We’ve been hearing a lot of reports of frustration with the functionality of our Jot Touch with Pixelpoint and Jot Script styluses on the iPad Air 2. We share your frustration.

Jot Touch Tips and Tricks with Iva Zugic

By Brian Nunnery

Hi! This is Iva. I’m Adonit’s Creative Director, which mostly means I try to keep things looking tight and showcase our products in the best possible way. In my free time, I paint and draw. I actually went to art school back in my native Serbia and continued oil painting all through college. But painting’s a messy business and small spaces don’t really allow for an oil studio setup

It’s all coming together: Procreate, Jot Touch with Pixelpoint & the new SDK

By Jocelyn Lo

Our team in Grand Rapids, Michigan has been hard at work on the latest version of our Jot-Ready software development kit (SDK). Awesome apps like Procreate use our Jot-Ready SDK to make your experiences with your stylus even better. The Jot-Ready SDK enables special features like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and shortcut buttons.

Just how small is 3.18mm? Let’s find out!

By Iva Zugic

We’re really proud of just how much technology we were able to squeeze into the incredibly small tip of the Jot Touch with Pixelpoint. What other things are 3.18mm? And do we have a banana for scale?

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